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Tenby Blues Festival 2008

Pictures By

Carl DeAbrue (c)

unless stated otherwise

The Hideaway Band feat Luke Evans (guitar vocal) Matt McCarthy (bass) Terry Walsh (drums) The Crown Tenby over a 100 people cramped in to this small venue!

(Pictures by Steve Evans)

Pictures by Carl DeAbrue

Chris (Kendal James Band)

Fiona BMD

BB Skone

Eugene Hideaway Bridges

Sean Taylor

Steve Jones& Fiona BMD

Abie Budgen



Jay Tampkin

Eugene & Sherman

Oli Brown

Colin Broadbent JTB

Jack The Biscuit

Oli & Sherman


Fred Hollis (Oli Brown)

Gary Rackman


Sherman & Bradley

Sean Webster

Eugene Hideaway

Johnny Dickinson

Kendall James Band

Sean Webster

Steve Jones

Sean & Sean

Sean Webster

Pat Grover

Tiny (ted crook)

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