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Dr Feelgood was formed in Jan 1971 in Canvey Island, Essex, England, with Wilko Johnson on lead guitar (born John Wilkinson, 12.7.1947, in Canvey Island, Essex, England) (ex The Roamers, The Heap, The Flowerpots, 1964 - 1966, The Fix 1966); Lee Brilleaux on lead vocals,slide guitar, harmonica (harp) (born Lee Collinson, 10.5.1952, in Durban, South Africa died 7.4.1994, in Canvey Island, Essex, England) (exThe Razzmatazz Washboard Band, 1967, The Southside Jug Band, Aug 1967 - 1969, The Fix 1969, The Pigboy Charlie Band, 1970); John B Sparks on bass (born 22.2.1953, in Canvey Island, Essex, England) and Terry Howarth on drums (ex military bandsman). Howarth left in Apr 1971 and was replaced by The Big Figure (born John Martin, 8.11.1946, in Canvey Island, Essex, England) (ex The Roamers, The Essex Five, The Glass Opening, The Exploding Monocle, The Hyde Park, Finians Rainbow).
In Mar 1977 Johnson left to form The Wilko Johnson Band in Jun 1977 and was temporarily replaced by lead guitarist Henry McCullough (born Henry Campbell Liken McCullough, 21.7.1943, in Portstewart, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland) (ex The Skyrockets, 1962 - 1964, Gene and the Gents, 1964 - Earl 1967, Eire Apparent, Earl 1967 - Sep 1968, Wings, Jan 1972 - Jul 1973) and in Apr 1977 by lead guitarist Gypie Mayo (born John Phillip Cawthra, 24.7.1951, in Hammersmith, West London, England) (ex Alias, 1976 - 1977). Mayo left in Mar 1981 and was replaced by lead guitarist Johnny Guitar (born John Byrne, 4.12.1939,at 37 Oakhill Estate, Stoneycroft,Liverpool, Lancashire, England died 18.8.1989, in Stuart Road, Crosby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England) (ex The Raving Texans, Jan 1959 - Jul 1959, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, Dec 1961, Mar 1962 - Jan 1963, Feb 1963 - Dec 1964,Feb 1965 - Earl 1967, Spring 1967). In Apr 1982 The Big Figureand Sparks left and were replaced by drummer Buz Barwell and bassist PatMcMullen.
In Dec 1982 Barwell and McMullen left and the band split and reformed in Mar 1983, with Brilleaux; Gordon Russell on lead guitar andPhil Mitchell on bass (born Philip Henry Mitchell, 19.3.1953, at the Park Royal Hospital, Central Way, Harlsden, North West London, England) (ex Daily Male, The Red River Band). In May 1983 drummer Kevin Morris (born Kevin John Morris, 15.5.1955, in London, England) (ex Love Affair, Deep Feeling, The Red River Band) joined the band. Russell left in May 1989 and in Jun 1989 lead guitarist SteveWalwyn (born Stephen Martin Walwyn, 8.6.1956, in Southham, Warwickshire, England) replaced him. In Mar 1991 Mitchell left and was replaced by bassist Dave Bronze (born David Eric Bronze, 2.4.1952, in Billericay, Essex, England)(ex Procol Harum) who was replaced in Sep 1991 by Craig Rhind. When Rhind left in May 1992 Bronze came back, only to leave again in Jan 1993 and the band split. Brilleaux sadly died in Apr 1994.The band reformed in May 1995 with Mitchell on bass; Walwyn on lead guitar; Morris on drums and Pete Gage on lead vocals, harp (born Peter Gage, 31.8.1947, at St Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, Paddington, West London, England) (ex Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band, 1965 - 1967, The Sloane Squires, 1967, The Jet Harris Band, 1967, Dada, 1970 - 1971, Vinegar Joe, 1971 - 1973, Pink Torpedoes, 1989 - 1993, The Pete Gage Band, 1993 - 1995). In Sep 1999 Gage left and was replaced by lead vocalist, harp player Robert Kane (born 6.12.1954) (ex The Animals II, The Alligators, Well, Well, Well).

John Warburg October 2009

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